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I AM...Ogun

Ogun, or Ogun Onire, is the god of war and iron of the Yoruba people of West Africa. In Yoruba lore, Ogun and the other gods climbed down to earth on a spiderweb. When creation was completed, the gods realized that people needed to clear more land in the forest where they lived. Unfortunately, the only tools available were made of soft metal, a material not suitable for cutting down trees. However, Ogun had been given the secret of iron by Orunmila, son of the supreme god Olorun, and he used an iron axe to clear the forest. Ogun later shared the secret of iron with the other gods and with humans. He also showed them how to shape the iron into weapons

Though a fierce god, Ogun is not evil and will help those who pray to him. Yoruba blacksmiths have traditionally sacrificed dogs to Ogun, and each year they hold a three-day festival in his honour.

Ogun is a very popular and feared god among the Yoruba pantheon of gods, called the god of iron and war. He is known for his creativity alongside his destructive nature which amounts to the misunderstood nature of his aura.

Usually, humans would always break the laws of nature; Ogun thus stands as the guardian to execute the repercussion of such actions. For this, he is feared. Despite that, when called on Ogun comes to the plight of his followers, blessing and protecting them.

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