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Updated: Jun 5, 2020

With the US company, Marvel Studios, dominating the global box office with movie adaptations of their comic books; in addition to the widely successful anime and manga industry in Japan. I noticed that African stories were not being told despite a suspected growing appetite for something different in the comic book industry. My suspicions where confirmed with the reception and success of the Marvel Black Panther. Although based off a US comic book, the movie adaptation is enriched with significantly more African culture and influences which was cited by many as a reason for its success. This galvanised me to increase the pace at which I was working and launch a digital comic company which will focus on telling stories inspired by African history, mythology and the experiences of Afro-Caribbean people on the continent and in the diaspora. This company is the aforementioned “New Africa Comics”.

New Africa Comics is more than just a comic publishing business, it is a method of taking back control over how Africans are perceived globally. A way of showing the beauty of our traditions, culture and people, as well as, a vehicle for tackling tough social-political issues that affect our community from government corruption to colourism; all while entertaining the reader with amazing art and commentary.

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